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23 June 2010 @ 06:57 pm

In this life, there are a few types of excellence, many of which go hand in hand. Today, I will detail two of them.

These two types of excellence are Personal Excellence and Societal Excellence.

So, I shall give an example, and bear in mind there are some exceptions to this, like everything in this world. Now, the example relates to both forms of excellence, so remain patient and it will all relate eventually.

Cory Corkscrew is a student in grade six. He goes to Holier Than Thou Catholic School, and he wants to write a book. A novel, a masterpiece formed from the depths of his mind, imagination, creativity. His wildest fantasies on paper!

Cory plans his book beyond all else, imagining his great writing, detailing every relation of character, geography, politics, arts history, you name it, in his fantasy world. He has it all planned out, maybe he puts it down on paper. But what happens when he goes to write it? Placing his pen to his paper, he is ready to let his thoughts flow; but nothing comes of it.

Why not?

Why can't Cory do this?

He's been preparing all year, he wants to write his story over summer, and have it published by grade eight!

Why can't it just go Cory's way?!

Because, I'm sorry Cory, and I'm sorry to all his fans, but he is in grade six. I have never met a child in grade six capable of writing a fantasy epic worth half a damn, and I never will. Regardless of whether he is a prodigy, a boy genius, a doctor, anything. Even if he were the son of Batman and Jesus he would not be able to write this story.

He just couldn't, because he is in grade six. Or rather, not because he is in grade six, but because he is only eleven or twelve years old. Actually, not even because he is only eleven or twelve, but because he has only been around that long.

He simply could not do it, because he does not have the experience or learning necessary.

Now, here is what he could do. Cory's choice is to go to McSmartass University, and get an education in English and Literature so that he can write his story proper. Yes, it isn't necessary for him to go to McSmartass to achieve the necessary skills, but this is his goal, and it has been set in stone.

So, Cory goes through middle school, finishes middle school, goes through high school, finishes high school, but wait! Cory needs a... grade 11 biology credit in order to go to McSmartass U for English Studies. Cory does not stray from his path. He backtracks, finishes grade 11 bio, he's in University but wait! Not quite! He's got to pay sixty billion dollars to go to McSmartass. So Cory gets a job at McDonald's, he's working hard, working hard, working hard, he's taught himself in the ways of the yogi, he doesn't need to sleep anymore, working 24/7, he's got his sixty billion dollars, he heads up to University, he's got in, he's working, learning, learning, he knows English real well, he beats Hemingway in an undead literature zombie fistfight, he's finished with McSmartass U, and he's got the knowledge he needs.

His sits down, at the desk he first tried writing his epic, so many years ago, puts his pen to his paper, and the words flow, like a nice bowel movement, like Jenova Chen, like the second half of Abbey Road. So he's succeeded, he's achieved his own excellence, while also achieving the excellence society required of him.

Maybe it isn't school he requires. Maybe he just needs to keep practicing, and maybe he did that. But then, he achieves his goal, and maybe due to his lack of diploma, he doesn't do as well as he could have. And maybe for Cory, this doesn't matter. But, he's gotta keep making money because money is sustainance for most of us. So you've got to keep that in mind, reaching your own personal excellence, while being realistic; in terms of goals, the means to achieve them, and the outcomes of said goals. Because after all, Cory's life goes on, even after he publishes his book.

Now, sometimes people's goal isn't to create art, but maybe to start a family, and be a good husband or a good wife, father or mother. Then, they still have reach that point, complete with back up plans, and education in the subject; formal or informal, and they've really just got to experience it somehow.

Also, people's goals change. Sometimes after they've completed them, sometimes in the middle of the journey, but they should always be going after them, or else, what do they have to live for?And it might not be just one thing. For me, I've got goals to be a good person, I've got goals to create beauty and art, I've got goals to fall in true love, I've even got goals for completely arbitrary things, and maybe I'm not going to complete all of this, but I will try my hardest, and that is what life is. Life isn't a scientific psychological statistical entity,or a monster powered by what super computers at NASA tell us, not is it a grotesque behemoth powered by a drive to reproduce, by violence, by schaudenfreude and thanatos and wrath.


Life is all those things and more. Life is also 6800000000 individuals with beauty, and art, and dreams, and passion, and love. And we've all got imperfections, some more than others, and we might be pushed forward by our negative feelings, and we might be savage without our laws and faith and culture but at least we have those things! And at least we have the capability to do good things, and to believe in one another. And sometimes, the need for Societal Excellence gets in your way. Push forward. Break through. Reach your dreams, and maybe you can help others with you. It is possible, that it is a dog eat dog world. It is possible that in all cases the right thing to do is to give yourself right of way and push the little guy down to reach the top. But, I don't think it is all that simple; I think it requires some thought, and individuality.

There is no such thing as a universal philosophy, so we should all set our own, and try to live by those rules, and I am in no way trying to get a reader here to believe what I believe. I am not saying I am right, because in a world with 6800000000 individuals, there is a lot of possibilities for what the truth is, maybe so many that nothing is completely true.

As a final thought, I would like to say this: My belief in individuality is high, but I also believe in following certain social norms. Being yourself doesn't always mean being obscene. Being yourself means trying to put a part of you in everything you say, or do. It means being honest when you need to be, and living by your own rules; hopefully within the confines of the law. It doesn't mean that you are required to be a revolutionary. In fact, I would advise against that, unless you truly believe something needs to be changed. People every day make half-hearted attempts at defining themselves and making a commentary. The problem is, everybody is a commentary, it doesn't always need to be said. Everybody is a message, and a statement, and you don't always need to be a rebel to be a somebody.

22 June 2010 @ 01:43 pm

New name: Digital Champloo
New blog: bloodcoveredinblood.wordpress.com
New year: Finished gr. 10!

I picked this new name for here, just to differentiate. I really like the name Textual Intercourse, but this new one here (Digital Champloo) was the second choice.

Read the intro post at the new place for a bigger description of what is going on. You'll like it!

Basically, this blog, is reserved for my own musings, while the other place is for bigger articles about my favourite forms of entertainment. I've also got a partner lined up (will be posting more about that at the other place today). So here I'll talk about anything really, any time I feel like posting about it, but for any proper impressions you'll get a post about it over there; that said, I'm keeping politics and philosophy out of the new Textual Intercourse, unless it directly relates to the article at hand.

So that's that. I guess this place is my own personal journal, something I don't really care if people read. The other place, I still don't really care if people read, but at least there I'll be posting valid thoughts, if that makes sense.

See you around!

And one more time:

08 May 2010 @ 01:07 pm

Yesterday I saw a movie at the premiere, which was great, because unlike last time this wasn't an accident. Previously, the movie I saw on opening night was Public Enemies, which I thought was okay... but not great. I hate when directors drop crying long death scenes right off the bat. I don't care about these characters yet, so I'm just not able to feel sorry for these guys.

But that's a different story.

This story is Iron Man 2! I saw the first one in theatres, and it pretty well blew my mind, although I didn't like certain aspects... a lot of the things modern action films fall prey to really bother me. But in the end, I appreciated it a LOT and it is probably my next favourite super hero film to Nolan's Batman films, or maybe the older Superman movies, but that's been a long time since I saw them.

Regardless, the second one holds up in almost every regard. The bad guys made me want to punch my seat-neighbours because they pissed me RIGHT off. Good job! The action was well thought out, although I'd rather if every scene with Black Widow fighting didn't end with a close-up on her face. We all know Scarlet Johannsen is hot. She is. Yes. But as both a movie viewer and even an "enthusiast of the female form" (we'll leave it at that) I can still say it bothers me when directors choose this. Every single sexy powerful lady you see in movies has her fight scenes choreographed this way. Punch-punch-flip-guy-on-ground-FACE kick-kick-hang-guy-on-cieling-FACE

You get the picture.

Other than that, Don Cheadle was pretty radical. He's a favourite of mine, and I didn't mind seeing him here.

"Y'know, Rhodey, I always used to think you looked like Terrence Howard, but thinking about it now... I'd say you look a bit more like Don Cheadle."

It had a cool duo fight at the end, and a bad-ass "Beat the shit out of you for friendship!" scene. Nice.

Backlash, or Whiplash, or whatever his name is is pretty cool, and Rourke is cool, so its double cool. He totally destroys the plans of his captor dudes.

The soundtrack was much worse than the first film, I'd say. In the first, you'd have bad-ass heavy metal playing all around. This time they go more for classic rock than classic metal, and it doesn't seem nearly as wicked.

Still, I'd recommend fans of the first to go see this.

(also, just like the first, the romance isn't so IN YOUR FACE like SOME MOVIES THAT SEEM to just like to YELL AT YOU ABOUT LOVE. It is however, obvious.)

08 May 2010 @ 12:54 pm

Enjoy! :D

I'm introducing two new ideas to this, to make it a bit more formulaic. If there's a song I just can't stop listening to, I'll link it on to here and you can enjoy it. It'll be called Listen To THIS!

And, the next piece of newness will be added in the next post.

I hope you enjoy this song, I really do. It is the opening to the movie Golgo 13 - The Professional. A very good song for a very good movie, ohohoho.

Check it out kids, and listen to THIS!
07 May 2010 @ 11:26 am

So, I got a suggestion for Justin over at Scatterbrain Goober, who I'd link right now and put in some kinda side bar, but I have no clue how. So I'll just... justinzer0.wordpress.com

Enjoy the lag when the stupid screenshot website thingy comes up. Jerkasses at wordpress don't know what they're doing.

Oh yeah, a suggestion. So I'll put little updates on what I'm playing/watching. Tell you how it is. Nice? Good.

Currently Playing:

Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner: This is basically the game. It opens up awesome, then you get attached to the characters, then more awesome things happen, then you piece together its connections to the first game, then you have a few one on one battles, then you realize the connections to the first game and you say "Holy shit!", then you have a cool unwinable battle, and then you have the most immersive awesome battleship spectacular ever to grace the PS2.

Honestly. Immersion much? The game is playing great, I'm realizing tricks for taking enemies down. Grabbings is really great, and I can knock down an entire unit of goons with a simple homing missile launch. There are almost TOO many weapons, but they're all so cool so I use them when I can. I like Gauntlet and Halberd, an impaling spear and a kamehameha style blast respecitively. But they're not too useful all of the time, especially Halberd. Decoy is a help in some cases as well.

But man, those battleships. I've already played past how long it took for me to beat the first game. Whooboy this will be cool.

Currently Watching:

TV? None. Sorry guys.

Movies? YEAH! Alright. I watched some Golgo 13 two nights ago. The action was wicked, the plot was great, the twists were cool, the animation was tight, the soundtrack was gold. One of my favourites. The direction was prime, with lots of cool splitscreens and interesting angles. No wonder action movies suck these days.

I watched Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Some of it was gross, but in the good way. Like, funny, kinda awkward. Interesting too. I dunno, the direction was that silly Asian style of cuts and stuff which is cool but kinda dumb as well. Only like 4 guys died... but that's not what matters, because it had an interesting plot. The subtitles I got with my download sucked, as they do for the next movie I'll watch.

Which'll be Lone Wofl & Cub - Sword of Vengeance. I started it, but realized my eyes were droopy. I was too tired to finish it, but it starts very cool.

Smithee aut. Ja.

03 May 2010 @ 11:39 am

Sorry about that last post. I must have embedded them stupid.

Oh well. There's plenty I can do about it, but nothing I can be arsed about...

Nobody says "assed about". Interesting.

In fact, nobody says anything these days, it seems. It appears I've got to give a constant stream of my own secrets if I want anybody to open up about themselves at all. How lame, I'm out of anything people don't know! Boned.

Speaking of "Boned" (but not "Boning"), I'm playing a couple games and am getting my bum chopped up.

First thing is first! As usual. Otherwise, it's the second:

Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner

Grade 5. Smithee is a total of ten years of age. The year is 2004. Recently we moved out of no-where-land and back to my old, comfortable, somewhat crime ridden*, suburb. Welcome (back) to Craptown. Ever since always, I've returned here time and time again. It appears I'm meant for this street. We've got a boarder. For the sake of anonymity we'll call him Troy**. So Troy has got a lot of video games, lots of Gundam model kits, and other way cool stuff. And sometimes, he lets me play some of this stuff. So, I see this cool robot on the cover of one game and put it in. At the time though, I had no idea just how much I was connected with this game, even prior to putting the disc in.

1998 - I watch my brother play Metal Gear Solid. I am blown away.
2001 - I watch my brother play Metal Gear Solid 2. I am not allowed to see the entire game.
2003 - I play a game demo for Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner. I am blown away.
2004 - I play Zone of the Enders myself. My total play time is around 11 hours. The writings on the box indicate the same director as Metal Gear Solid, and a demo for the sequel. However, a young Smithee enjoys the game more than watching Metal Gear Solid 2.
2009 - I beat Metal Gear Solid 2 by myself. I am blown away.
2009 - I play through Zone of the Enders again, after buying it regardless of the generic EB case the game comes in. The game itself is enough to please me. I am just as touched as I was years ago, and can still relate to young Leo. An older Smithee enjoys the game more than playing Metal Gear Solid 2.
2010 - I begin playing Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner.

So that's the long history of attachment. There is more to throw in, like MGS3 and 4 and whatnot. Another thing that is important is the demo disc for Armored Core and eventually playing the game, cementing my love of mechs. Also, the animation, Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket would be important to this.

The thing about Zone of the Enders when I was young was that I really felt a lot like Leo did, so when I played it through again I was worried I wouldn't feel the same way. And yet, when ADA talked to me after I completed my mission, and told me the truth, and I reach the end... Flowing Destiny begins playing, and I remember the name of the melody I had been humming for years. Tears flow down my face. Nostalgia, and pure touchingness.

And I want to play the sequel.

The form I have the sequel in is representative of how much I just wanted to play it. I burnt the game. Since getting FreeMCBoot I've decided that I shall limit myself to imports, or otherwise too expensive games... Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner is neither of these. But I remembered the game I had been yearning for for so long as I began searching for ISOs... and I began to download the game.

The introduction is just as intense as before. I quickly grow used to the controls again, almost like I was really piloting an Orbital Frame. When Dingo enters Jehuty, I understand I will have to fight to protect my friends, just like he does. I exit the area and must fight Mosquitos. At first, I'm having trouble with the controls, but it quickly sets in once again, and I'm having quickly destroying the enemy.

The animated cutscenes are blowing me away. Much better than the 3-D anime style from before. The animation is good, and I'm loving the character designs. They have a beautiful space mystique.

The opening cutscene when you boot the game spoils the hell out of you... But it is awesome.

Currently, I've got to stop a train, I believe it said it is carrying another Orbital Frame. I've always had trouble following stories in games though.

One thing I noticed that is wicked is the slightly painted style a lot of the level geometry has. The natural areas have brush strokes and so do the explosions, but the cityscapes are straight lines and lights. Totally cool.

I'm loving it. I'm in love again... only this time with Zoe's younger sister. Uh-oh, I sense some drama coming on! O: The thing I hate about Zoe is that you go out with her, she's very entertaining... but you end up breaking up awkwardly after a short while. The first time I went out with her it was double the second time lasting-wise... but... I hope that her younger sister and I can be together a while longer... and I don't think she'll be very boring. Too bad she's a burn victim.

Yes, I can't believe I made that pun of a paragraph. (Please be aware, I imagine Zoe (as in the first Zone of the Enders) as being around 18 now, and 2nd Runner (unnamed) as being 16 or 17, my age.)



I've booted Dodonpachi up on MAME before. And I've played a bit of Guwange... but that stuff just didn't stick, y'know? Maybe it was having the ability to insert infinite coins, or the hastle of my slow-ass computer loading up the emulator... who knows. I do know that Guwange will be release on XBLA, and if other releases are any indication, it will be coming here. And with the fun I'm having on Ibara, it'll be a long wait.

I'm playing Arrange mode... I heard it was worse, but... I started playing it. I only heard it was worse than Arcade after the fact anyway, I went in literally only knowing the name as a Cave shooter. Nothing else. That's it.

So going purely by faith... It was a small file when I downloaded it. 100 some MB. But when I unrared it? Like 3 stinking gigabytes! Wow. Well, it worked. It was a test to see if FreeMCBoot could play Japanese games. Looks like it can! And I'm glad I tested it with this.

So I can get to stage 3, although I've only done so once. I can usually get to the second boss however. Bombs are the trick, and I believe you get more points if you use them to clear the most bullets. I don't really care, mind you, I just want to know I can survive at all. So I'm hoping to get to stage 3 again tonight.

The game is pretty. And my thumb hurts... I need to get an arcade stick! I now understand the idea of playing a shmup for hours. I kept retrying and retrying! It is a lot easier to do that with 1 credit.

It's kinda like Guitar Hero. It is hard to describe, but it feels the same way, only the game is 1 awesome song, and I have like 3 screw ups.

(Don't request links for downloads or anything, suckers)

I'll write more about my gaming adventures, especially with the ability to burn discs enabled! Ohohoho.

* at least according to the rich kids down the street.
** should you ever read this, my brother, you'll laugh.
27 April 2010 @ 10:25 pm

The Protomen: Awesome incarnate. Seriously. This is all off of their second album, a wicked record to be sure. Basically, take the story of Megaman, and turn it into an awesome, heartwrenching story, with a really dark take on it. Like that last song? That's the song that plays before Sniper Joe, a young man who feels the need to stick it to the man (Wily), the man who controls the entire city and created the unspoken law of keeping quiet about the past, and of rebellion. It isn't even a totally forced totalitarianism. It just fits in. And this guy, he goes against it. Him and Thomas Light, who's been outlawed for years now, after Wily had his girlfriend killed by the machines he and Light made together.

Basically, it's really cool. Check 'em out.

They don't cover the music from Megaman either. They're certainly not a simple cover band.
22 April 2010 @ 09:46 am
Sometime just previous of now, a game came out on XBLA. This game is good! This game is After Burner: Climax. AB:C is a new game in the awesome After Burner series, and I'm sure it will be getting some new kids into one of Yu Suzuki's masterpieces. And, what's this, Outrun 2 is also out on XBLA? Fantastic! But what's this? Sega sucks, you say? Oh no, I must have heard you wrong, you said “Old Sega sucks,” right?

As you all know, Sega works as a publisher as well as a developer. I understand this, and don't want to read any comments saying “They didn't make that, ladida!” Y'hear? So keep yer trap shut, if y'got nothin' nice to say.

First I'll talk a bit more about After Burner: Climax. It's great. It is an AM2 developed arcade game, brought to XBLA for a mere 800 points. I could have paid full price of a retail game for this, and I would have been okay. Well, as far as I figure, I've only played the demo, to be honest. The graphics are mind blowing, actually, and we all know the journeys AM2 can take you on (anyone who has played Outrun can attest to that). I find it interesting, how I seem to be more excited to play XBLA games than proper disc-based games for the Xbox. This worries me, seeing as, y'know, digital media seems to have a life-expectancy beyond my control (whereas with physical games I can take however much care of it as I want).

Hooboy, lessee. Sega? You used to be good. Right? That's the notion anyway. There seems to have been a shitty period, I'll be honest. But these guys are doing well...

It's kinda like, they always do something nifty. Something that has a good feel. Like, it is adventuring, but it doesn't even need to be an adventuring game. This is something I've always felt Sega's games and games on their consoles have had. I missed out on Sega. My bro always says “Blah, Sonic sucks, the music sucks because it is Sonic, 6-button controller, how the?” Well, he's kinda wrong. I still want to get a Genesis (and one of those POWER BASE CONVERTERS! *loud booming voice*) because there are so many things I still need to experience. And I've got a Saturn, but I don't have many games. Once I achieve a job, I'll be kicking some ass though, I tell ya. That's not the point... So my bro, he pushed Sega away from me, so now all that Sega stuff has a really interesting feel to it, something new and great. It's wicked!

Valkyria Chronicles!
After Burner: Climax!
Virtua Fighter 5!
Alpha Protocol is coming out.
Resonance of Fate!
Outrun 2/SP!

I mean, that's SOME stuff, y'know? Like, it looks like great stuff, and plays like great stuff (Well, Alpha Protocol isn't out, but hey). How are these guys a bad company? How do they apparently still suck? I ask you this. And Sonic? Well, Sonic is a game for kids. And I've seen kids LOVE the new Sonic games. How is this a bad thing? Surely, they should be fixed up a bit, since the Sonic games are kinda shoddy now. Nevertheless, kids still like it. This is good! I see nothing wrong with that, if you're some 40 year old classic Sega fan, get over it. It's a kid's game, and you shouldn't be bothered by it appealing to kids. So look at those great games, put it all into perspective. Less games come out from one company now, that's just the way it is. Things are bigger, so it has to be that way. Peace out.
05 April 2010 @ 02:33 pm
Just a little WIP I whipped up. Maybe I'll hype the site a bit, eh? Anyway, I guess you get a preview, and I hope that this review marks the beginning of a great site.

Also, it is funny how I get in a bit of shit over at the site I posted it at. I didn't follow the proper format for doing anything, because I was too stupid to do it professionally, but it works out well enough I guess... Expect more from me at One Stop Reviews!

Just copy and paste this link -- http://z7.invisionfree.com/1Stopreviews/index.php?showtopic=3&view=findpost&p=9819622

It's long, it lacks images, but hey, reviews tell me that it is "chalk full of Smithee style, which is great" and "larger than a footlong? I'm in!"

The press has spoken, so go ahead and read :)
05 April 2010 @ 12:21 am

And so far, it's really really good. Expect me to be writing a review - or something of the sort - at One Stop Reviews. That's www.1stopreviews.webs.com for those without a link (everyone).

It's got nothing up there yet, so it is probably more embarrassing than anything that I linked there. But expect more links to that place. It'll be nifty, because it'll mean I'm writing here, and there, and everywhere.

Anyhoo that is that. The game is great, with lots of little nods to, well, everything.